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Why are Americans so Mad?

From the O’Reilly Factor – Monica Crowley Talking Points – September 7, 2010

After first presenting a film clip from the movie “Network,” where Howard Beale is yelling, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore,” Monica Crowley (Guest Host for Bill O’Reilly) opined: “That’s how most Americans are feeling these days. Why are we mad as hell? Because since the Democrats took the White House and the Congress, each day, we have awakened to some new horror.

We’re mad as hell about a trillion dollars blown on stimulus that did nothing to stimulate the private economy.

We’re mad as hell about a nearly 10 percent unemployment rate, almost a trillion and a half dollar annual deficit, and a $13 trillion national debt.

We’re mad as hell about the government takeover and destruction of the best healthcare system in the world and it’s $500 billion, 10 year price tag.

We’re also mad about the slimy back room dirty dealing, and the party line shenanigans they used to ram it through.

We’re outraged about the Holder Justice Department’s lawsuit against one of our very own states, Arizona for trying to enforce illegal immigration laws.

We’re furious about Hillary Clinton’s State Department sending the ground zero mosque imam on a taxpayer-funded junket to the Middle East.

We’re worried about a foreign policy that appeases our enemies, disses our friends, and is generally an incoherent and dangerous mess.

We’re angry about monstrous 2,000 page bills that nobody has read before inflicting on us.

We’re incredulous about the cap and trade energy bill, which would amount to the largest tax increase in the history of the world.

We’re ticked off that the president rails against special interests, but buys off the biggest special interest of all, the unions, with tens of billions of taxpayer dollars.

We’re angry about far left judges cavalierly dismissing the will of the people.

We’re mad as hell about an arrogant leadership that refuses to listen to us, even as it exponentially expands government in direct violation of what the Founding Fathers wanted for this country. We do not want American exceptionalism being turned into unexceptionalism.

And we’re not going to take it anymore.

Today marks the official start of the fall election season. Rasmussen reports has Republicans leading Democrats in the generic ballot contest by a whopping 12 points. Gallup has the GOP lead at an historic 10 points.

Now, things could change before November, but I think that’s highly unlikely. I don’t know if Republicans will take either or both Houses of Congress, but I do know that there will be a major correction. Like Howard Beale, we’ve have enough. And eight weeks from today, our present leadership will hear our sound and our fury. And that’s the Memo.”

Amen, Monica!

It’s time to fire Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and their radical, left wing sycophants. And Mr. Obama had better be very thankful that his name isn’t on a ballot also, or he’d be gone as well. Obama may be smart as the world measures intelligence, but he’s a full quart low on Godly wisdom. His legislation and decision-making over the last two years confirms it.

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