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2020 Prophecies

Below are 2020 and beyond prophecies by Christian prophets Jeremiah Johnson, Hank Kunneman, and Tracy Cooke. These were originally on Sid Roth’s (“It’s Supernatural) ISN network on January 3, 2020. ISN stands for “It’s Supernatural Network”.

These prophecies touch on the current impeachment of President Trump, the 2020 election, new Supreme Court nominees / justices, the Middle East, Russia, China, North Korea, Benjamin Netanyahu’s immediate future, abortion, and other interesting topics. Run time is just over an hour.

All three prophets listed above have other videos on YouTube and/or have their own websites. Each has had fulfilled prophecies in the past, including Jeremiah Johnson’s 2015 prophecy on Donald Trump. Some of these are mentioned in the video.

God bless –

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